A poem from a friend

On Thursday, we received an email from a lovely anonymous person who wrote a poem for disability and aged care workers. It is small gestures like that which keep us dedicated to our passion. Thank you Kajeera & Joshua.

Disability/Aged Care Without fail, you help the frail, you’re a guiding light, for those who can’t see. Your work always deserves respect, not only when times are hard. Our world is not perfect, but your efforts show us a path. Selflessly helping those in need, your moral compass opposing greed.

Kajeera Jenkins

To help the helpless when they’re well, And still be there when they are not, Amongst the chaos of this world, You hold a calm and transparent plot, To see the world as earth intends, To bring this place to betterment. We recognise you now, As much as ever, We see all the hardships, You endeavour. To risk self health in empathy, We hope life gives back endlessly. Today we honour what you have done, The very person you’ve become. We know a little of your trials, And pray you’ll never feel hostile. But continue on in your critical procedures, And know that you are a true leader.

Joshua Maxwell de Hoog

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