Employment Support

Employment Support

What is Employment Services?

At AYS, If you’re living with an injury or illness and want to find a job, or build your skills in order to find a job, we are here to help.

Why AYS Employment Services?

Our committed and experienced employment team provide an individualised service to get to know you first. We understand your barriers, fears and anxieties to finding and keeping work and we can help you to overcome them.

How does AYS choose a workplace to suit me?

AYS offers an individualised service which means you will spend time with our employment team to ensure you can tell us what your hobbies and interests are. We then use our networks to seek a working environment which match your interests, skills and abilities.

How do I stay in work?

AYS continues to follow up and support you during your career. We want you to feel valued and fulfilled in your work. If things change, we can work with you to achieve the following:

  • Identify and cope with feelings towards your workplace

  • Communicate and socialise with work colleagues and customers

  • Act as a career counsellor throughout your working life


School Leavers Employment Support

If you are a Year 12 student, find out how the NDIS and AYS can prepare and support you to successfully enter the workforce. SLES offers you individualised support for up to 2 years after finishing Year 12. Find out more about SLES by downloading the flyer now.