Gemiini Learning System

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What is Gemiini?

With online video sessions and tools, Gemiini uses play-based learning to teach speech, language, reading, social skills, and life skills.

Gemiini is a web-based program that utilises an approach called Discrete Video Modelling. Discrete Video Modelling is a clinically proven way to increase language, reading and social skills.

It breaks down information into understandable and digestible bites, making it an ideal solution for people with Autism, Down Syndrome, Stroke and others.

What is Gemiini
Discrete Video Modelling

Discrete video modelling

With online videos and teaching tools, Gemiini not only teaches you information, it trains (or retrains) your brain how to think. Gemiini focuses on one concept at a time, to teach language, reading and social skills. Discrete video modelling breaks down information into understandable and digestible bites, making it an ideal solution for young children or people with special needs.

Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales

Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales

Gemiini also has the functionality of Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales embedded and outcome measured each 3 months. This will be vital for your NDIS evidence and continued funding. For over 30 years, Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales has been a leading measure of personal and social skills needed for everyday living. Psychologists and other professionals continue to depend on it to identify individuals who have Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, and other impairments. Not only does Vineland aid in diagnosis, but it gives you valuable information for developing educational and treatment plans. This come free with Gemiini!

Ability Levels

Ability levels

Gemiini Teaches Speech, Reading, And Behaviour Skills and Gemiini’s Evidence-Based Therapy is effective with all ages and ability levels. Gemiini helps connect the desire to learn and express yourself with proven tools to learn how, leading to a more fulfilled life. Gemiini allows parents and therapists to create fully customised video modelling sessions, creating more therapeutic time for patients while freeing up therapists’ time.

Who can Gemiini Help?

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Speech, Reading, Language, Life Skills & Behavior Skills

Research shows that early intervention is crucial for children diagnosed with autism. Gemiini’s evidence-based therapy can be used anytime and anywhere to teach both children and adults speech, reading, language, life skills and social skills.

Find out how to take learning on the Autism Spectrum to a whole new level!

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Gemiini Offers Life-Changing Support

Gemiini’s Discrete Video Modeling learning system focuses on increasing the vocabulary, articulation, & language skills necessary to unlock the door to speech for people with Down syndrome. Gemiini also teaches life skills and social skills to encourage confidence and build competency.

Learn how Gemiini can help children and students with Down syndrome.

Speech Language Delay

Speech-Language Delay

Amazing Results with Minimal Effort

31,000 premature babies are born in Australia every year and 50% of those will have some sort of speech delay. As with other skills and milestones, the age at which kids learn language and start talking can vary.

See how Gemiini are making a difference in the speech delay community.

What does Gemiini cost?

The cost of the Gemiini program for a 12-month subscription is $1,500. This can be funded via your NDIS Plan. AYS is now offering supported packages via our staff so you can maximise the benefits of Gemiini. Our Therapists are trained in Gemiini to give you support to assist you to successfully implement the Gemiini program with your child or person with special needs. They will have regular contact with you and offer advice and guidance in best practice to support you.

Gemiini Learning System

In addition to the cost of the program subscription, these packages are available to be funded via your NDIS Plan:

Standard package includes:

6 phone consultations with
a Gemiini Specialist.

Monthly calls

30-minute call allotments


Premium package includes:

12 phone consultations with
a Gemiini Specialist.

Monthly calls

60-minute call allotments


Gemiini has helped thousands of families. Check out what just a few of them have to say…

“Not only is he learning how to read, but he is vocalizing everything! Thanks to hard core therapy and our wonderful Gemiini program! He has made amazing progress!”

Brenda Lee Henry (Shep’s mum)

“Mila is 4 years old adopted from China at 2.5. She was completely nonverbal when she came home. We searched for something to encourage speech and found Gemiini! She adores all the signs & animal sounds. And we are even seeing her copying the sounds of the words she is learning. She is blooming right before our eyes. We are excited to see how far this program will take her.”

Marta J (Mila’s mum)

Not sure if you are eligible for the NDIS?

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