Support Coordination

What is a Support Coordinator?

AYS Support Coordinators work closely with you to achieve your goals.

We can:

  • Help to get all your supports up and running and operating optimally
  • Develop service agreements between you and your providers
  • Resolve issues with your provider
  • Coordinate service delivery where you have multiple providers
  • Ensure services are provided in accordance with your needs
  • Build your capacity to act independently and exercise choice and control

Understand the NDIS & implement your NDIS Plan

Support coordination is about enhancing your ability to manage and direct your own services. It’s designed to help you navigate, learn and understand more about the NDIS.

AYS support coordinators are experts at helping you understand your plan and find service providers meet your individual needs.

AYS are an NDIS registered, independent service provider. We are here to provide you with expert, support that works to achieve your goals.

Individualised service

We put you first, tailoring our services to your unique needs to you can achieve your goals and live your best life.

Capacity building

Build your ability to act independently: empowering you to access and coordinate your supports and provide assistance to help you participate more in your community.

Expert support

Our team is made up of Allied Health and disability trained professionals. We support people with all levels of disability, including high and complex needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that Suppor Coordination can be confusing. Using the drop-downs below, select a question you may have.
How can a Support Coordinator help me?

A Support Coordinator will support you to understand and implement the funded supports in your plan and link you to community, mainstream and other government services. A Support Coordinator will focus on supporting you to build skills and direct your life as well as connect you to providers. on this post with your questions

Can I change Support Coordination to AYS?

Yes. You remain in control of your plan and have choice and control over who your providers are. If you wish to change providers you should discuss it with your provider and review your service agreement. Depending on your service agreement, you may have agreed to give some notice before you change.

Is there more than one type of Support Coordination?

Yes. There is three common types of Support Coordination which include:

  • Support connection – This support is to build your ability to connect with informal, community and funded supports
  • Support coordination – coordination of supports: This support will assist you to build the skills you need to understand, implement and use your plan.
  • Specialist support coordination – This is a higher level of support coordination. It is for people whose situations are more complex and who need specialist support.

Depending on your individual goals, plan objectives and aspirations you may receive funding for these supports in your plan.

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