Behaviour Support Practitioners


Behaviour Support Practitioner

Ashtyn is a qualified Registered Nurse, having completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 2018. Ashtyn has worked in the healthcare field in a variety of roles, including as an RN in aged care and a support worker in both Aged Care and community care. Ashtyn is passionate about supporting clients to reach their goals and engage fully in their own care planning, utilising a compassionate and person-centred approach. In her spare time, Ashtyn enjoys craft and spending time in the veggie garden.


Behaviour Support Practitioner

Emily is currently studying for a Masters of Counselling/Sexology/Sexual Health and is due to complete this in 2025. She grew up on a farm in Port Fairy and loves the outdoors. When Emily isn’t working, she enjoys reading, going to the gym, and listening to podcasts. Emily is passionate about the peer mentor program as she believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.


Provisional Psychologist/Behaviour Support Supervisor

Emma is a Provisional Psychologist/Behaviour Support Supervisor who has an interest in working with children and adolescents. Emma has a background of working with people with different mental health concerns and behavioural needs such as ASD, ADHD, ODD and ID. She also has experience in individual and group therapy. Emma is passionate about providing support to people through an empathetic and person-centred approach.


Behaviour Support Team Leader

Georgina is a Social Worker with over twenty years experience working with families, the mental health sector and in community health. Georgina has recently gained a Masters of Mental Health (Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Studies). She enjoys collaborating with families and systems and takes a strength based approach that focuses on the unique situation, hopes and goals of those involved. She has two children, a menagerie of animals and enjoys reading, the beach, film, music and chocolate.


Behaviour Support Practitioner

Hannah is a Behaviour Support Practitioner who has recently graduated with a Master of Science in Psychology. She also completed a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree in 2021. Hannah is passionate about providing behaviour and mental health support to children, adolescents and young adults from a trauma-informed lens. Hannah worked in the Peer Mentor Program for five years before moving into her current role, during which she gained invaluable experience working closely with a wide range of individuals. Hannah values a holistic person-centered approach to prioritise the rights, autonomy and dignity of those she supports so that they can obtain a good quality of life.


Behaviour Support Practitioner

Helen is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse who completed her Post Graduate studies in Nursing Practice: Mental Health at University of Melbourne. She has worked in the Victorian health sector for over 25 years. Helen is currently completing her Masters in Mental Health Nursing at RMIT. Helen embraces a person-centred approach to care, which supports and enables a person to build and maintain control over their life, promote dignity and self-determination. She is passionate about supporting people’s opportunity to engage more fully in their health care and develop a trusting relationship with their provider through a trauma informed approach to care.



Jaimie is a Registered Psychologist and Behaviour Support Practitioner with a background in disability services, working with diverse clientele across a broad range of demographics. She is experienced in applying psychotherapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and mindfulness-based interventions. Jaimie is passionate about employing a pragmatic and person-centred approach to care, prioritising the support of people’s autonomy and dignity.



Behaviour Therapist

Jessica is a Behaviour Therapist who has been working in the field for over 4 years now. Jessica has primarily worked with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder however in the last 6 months has been working with children and adults diagnosed with a broad range of complex behaviours. She prides herself on being able to build rapport with participants and making sure they feel comfortable with the services being delivered. Jessica loves working with participants and seeing the progress that is made over time, especially when a participant learns a skill that will benefit them for life. Fun fact – Jessica is also an avid Lego collector!


Behaviour Support Practitioner

Lachlan is described as kind, empathetic, and determined. He enjoys rock climbing, soccer, and music. In his spare time, he scales cliffs, plays sports, or cooks up a storm in the kitchen. He’s committed to promoting inclusivity and empowering individuals to succeed irrespective of their abilities. Lachlan says, “the most rewarding aspect of the role is seeing the tangible difference we make in enhancing the quality of life and opportunities for individuals with disabilities”. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Applied Behaviour Analysis.


Behaviour Support Practitioner

Max is a Behaviour Support Practitioner who has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science degree at Deakin University at the end of 2022 and is now currently undertaking his Psychology Honours at Federation University which is expected to be completed at the end of 2024. Max has an unwavering passion for providing behaviour and mental health support for children and adolescents. As a former Peer Mentor at AYS, Max has one-on-one experience working closely with individuals with a wide range of intellectual difficulties, mental health disorders, and behavioural challenges. Max utilises a person-centred approach that champions autonomy and compassion. Max’s interests vary, but you’ll most likely find him watching his beloved St Kilda Saints or Arsenal, scurrying through a record shop, or walking his dog, Marty.


Psychologist / Behaviour Support Practitioner

Paul has worked in many areas helping people as a psychologist. Paul has extensive experience working with children adolescents and adults. He is an AHPRA registered psychologist and psychologist supervisor and has worked with both the Australian Psychological Society and Victorian Department of Health and Human Services in determining best practice guidelines for management of clients with complex psychosocial needs. Paul has presented at international, national and regional conferences and is passionate about contributing to the improved mental health outcomes for the community. In his spare time Paul enjoys fishing for flathead on Corio Bay and doing woodwork projects.


Provisional Psychologist/Behaviour Support Practitioner

Shaeley is a Provisional Psychologist and Behaviour Support Practitioner whose passion is to help individuals with behavioural, physical, emotional, and mental health problems by improving their quality of life, sense of well-being, and alleviating feelings of anxiety and distress. Shaeley has experience working with a variety of mental health disorders, behavioural disorders and psychosocial disabilities. Shaeley also has two years of experience working as a Drug and Alcohol Clinician and has an interest in the forensic psychology field. Shaeley has an empathic and non-judgemental approach and is passionate about assisting people in achieving more harmony and fulfilment in their lives.


Behaviour Support Therapist

Tania brings a wealth of knowledge working with families experiencing challenges and trauma for the past 20 years, specialising as a family separation counsellor for children and parents also working in Disability Service’s as a Behavioural Support Therapist and has work within DHHS Supported Accommodation Services, a Case Management and Team Leader. Working with families, teens and children is a crystallisation of what she’s care about deeply; that even in challenging situations Tania is able work towards a healthy outcome, supported by families, peers and services. It motivates her to come to work each day. Tania is very ‘real’ in her approach to life and families.


Behaviour Support Practitioner

Tiff is a Behaviour Support Practitioner and has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. In both one-on-one and group settings, she has worked closely with participants experiencing mental health and AOD challenges using a person-centred approach. Tiff has experience with younger participants in respite settings managing behaviours of concern, increasing independence and improving quality of life. She has previously worked as an autism behaviour support practitioner and understands the importance of incorporating a neurodiversity-affirming approach. Tiff’s values and practices strongly align with the Positive Behaviour Support Capability Framework ensuring the participants goals, aspirations and overall quality of life remain priority. She is passionate about empowering individuals and does this in a non-judgemental, supportive space.

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