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Learn a bit about the services provided by Access Your Supports. 

Plan Management Geelong, Colac & Mildura

Plan Management

Access Your Supports is an NDIS registered provider of Plan Management. We have a team of professionals that can support you, no matter where you live in Australia.
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Employment Support Geelong, Colac & Mildura

Employment Support

At AYS, If you’re living with an injury or illness and want to find a job, or build your skills in order to find a job, we are here to help.
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Occupational Therapy Geelong, Colac & Mildura

Occupational Therapy

We work closely with you and those close to you to maximise your independence.
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Peer Mentor Program Geelong, Colac & Mildura

Peer Mentor Program

Peer mentors are strong and passionate individuals, equipped to help participants with their NDIS goals.
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Behaviour Support Geelong, Colac & Mildura

Behaviour Support

As a registered NDIS provider, our behaviour support service is all about understanding why you or a loved one might use behaviours of concern, and what can be done to build capacity in a safe, enjoyable environment.
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Early Childhood Early Intervention Geelong, Colac & Mildura

Early Childhood Early Intervention

At Access Your Supports we implement the ECEI Key Worker Model. This model is where you see one therapist (your Key Worker) instead of lots of individual therapists.
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Gemiini Learning Systems Geelong, Colac & Mildura

Gemiini Learning Systems

With online video sessions and tools, Gemiini uses play-based learning to teach speech, language, reading, social skills, and life skills.
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Psychology Geelong, Colac & Mildura


AYS will ensure that you receive the support that is best tailored for your needs whilst the quality of the service isn’t compromised.
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Support Coordination Geelong, Colac & Mildura

Support Coordination

Support coordination is about enhancing your ability to manage and direct your own services. It’s designed to help you navigate, learn and understand more about the NDIS.
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Therapy Assistants Geelong, Colac & Mildura

Therapy Assistants

There are four main areas in which an Therapy Assistant can perform a number of tasks under the supervision of the relevant therapist.
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Each participant will receive a Service Agreement for any AYS services provided, and the fees associated with these services.
The prices for all NDIS services delivered by AYS are set out in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits document. All prices are subject to change when the document changes. The prices we charge will be automatically adjusted to reflect the prices outlined in the most up to date document. By signing the Service Agreement you acknowledge and accept that prices are subject to change.

Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP)

AYS meets the NDIS requirements to claim the TTP rate as set out in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits document. A number of supports in the Assistance with Daily Living Support Category and the Social, Economic and Community Participation Support Category are in the scope of the TTP and will be charged accordingly.

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