Services we provide

Support Coordination


Early Intervention

Allied Health Assistant

Accommodation & Tenancy Support

Occupational Therapy


Group Therapy

Plan Management

School Levers Employement Service

Speech Pathology


Peer Mentor Program


Finding & Keeping a Job

The rates for the services we provide

The rates for all of the services provided by Access Your Supports is determined by the NDIS Price Guide and is updated when the NDIS recommended rates are updated.

Service Provided rate per hour
Accommodation & Tenancy 60.16
Behaviour Management Plan 193.99
Behavioural Intervention Support – Specialist 214.41
Counselling 156.16
Dietitian 193.99
Early Childhood Interventions 193.99
Employment Support 59.03
Occupational Therapy 193.99
Parent Training 58.52
Physiotherapy 193.99
Psychology 214.41
Public Transport Training 46.31
School Leavers Employment Service (SLES) 98.06
Social Work 193.99
Speech Pathology 193.99
Support Coordination 98.06
Support Coordination – Specialist 186.58
Therapy Assistant 86.79
Transport (per kilometer) 1.00