Flexible Support Packages | What Are They and How Can They Help Support You?

Flexible Support Packages (FSPs) offer crucial, short-term assistance for up to 10 weeks, primarily serving as a stopgap while long-term solutions are determined.

They’re designed for children facing early trauma and adversity, displaying concerning behaviors, or needing extra support to remain engaged in kindergarten. The goal is to ensure consistent attendance and participation by addressing behavioural issues and enhancing interpersonal skills. If necessary, further applications for FSPs can be made to continue support, emphasising a tailored approach to meet each child’s unique needs and improve their educational experience.

When a child’s need for ongoing support extends beyond the initial support offered through available programs, a new application for a Flexible Support Package can be made to secure continued assistance.

Eligibility for Flexible Support Packages

Children eligible for FSPs must be attending a funded kindergarten program and have a history of complex trauma, necessitating immediate support for stable attendance and inclusion. Services applying for Flexible Support Packages must also show that they cannot access needed support through existing programs or other funding sources, highlighting a targeted approach to meet specific needs that fall outside the standard.

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