From Student to a Trusted Therapy Assistant – Meet Jade!

Meet our Certified Therapy Assistant Jade! She was doing her student placement with us last year, before transitioning into her role as a Therapy Assistant.

Jade has completed her Cert IV in Allied Health Assistance – Occupational Therapy and is continuing her studies with Deakin to complete a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. She is deeply passionate about helping others and enjoys taking a creative approach to developing new skills. She is a very approachable, honest, and compassionate person who looks forward to building strong connections with participants and their families.

We first met Jade in October last year when she approached us looking for work experience. It was clear that her bubbly, friendly, and caring nature would be a perfect fit for one of our placement programs. So, of course, we took her on board and started teaching her the ropes.

On her first day, Jade recalls feeling “nervous and excited” but “the nerves quickly eased after meeting the team.” To ensure students get the most out of their experience with us, we appoint a highly skilled supervisor to guide them through day-to-day tasks. Jade says her supervisor was “super helpful, genuine, and caring.” It’s fair to say that Jade was welcomed to the team with open arms!

As part of her experience, Jade was responsible for helping run group therapy programs including the Lego Club, Let’s Get Ready for School and much more. During these sessions, Jade worked closely with children to help develop their skills and understanding. Jade also recalls “learning key reporting skills through case studies.” It’s been a rewarding experience for Jade to learn from highly skilled and experienced professionals and to have played a significant role in helping patients reach their full potential.

As a Mum of two young children, Jade appreciates the work/life balance AYS has to offer to her and her family. “I love being involved in the school community, so for AYS to offer me the flexibility to continue doing something I love is truly amazing.”

Jade strongly recommends AYS for students looking for placements. She says, “it’s a supportive place to learn, and the work opportunity coming out is great. There’s a real opportunity for growth in this company.” Her advice to students who want to increase their chances of gaining employment is to ‘show initiative, be confident and put yourself out there.’ Jade actively demonstrated these qualities during her time with us. As a result, she was offered a job at the end of her placement.

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Jade is truly a great asset to AYS, and we are so proud to have her on board!

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