World Autism Understanding Day 2024

For World Autism Understanding Day this year (2 April), Amelia explained that she would like the public to realise that “Once you have met one person on the Autism Spectrum, you have just met one person on the Autism Spectrum. The community is so diverse, and we all have our own different strengths and different weaknesses. And the perception of a person with Autism needs to change.”

Amelia’s friends describe her as a friendly person. She likes to plan things in advance and not make mistakes. In her spare time, she likes to watch anime, play games, read and listen to music. One day, she would like to get a job that would give her satisfaction at the end of the day. Ideally, not one that is repetitive because she will get bored. Perhaps something book-related!

When asked about what we can all do better to support people on the Autism Spectrum, she encourages others to “listen to what we individually need and not assume what supports we require. Involve us in the process and increase support networks for young adults and adults as there is very little support beyond childhood years and people do not realise it is a life-long condition.” Amelia adds that “we need support to live and work independently and not keep us on benefits.”

Amelia is proudly part of a Geelong-based group called Autistic Adults Social Saturdays, which was formed by young adults on the Autism Spectrum to create a safe, fun space for other adults with Autism. “The number of people who have attended varies on meet up… It all depends on everyone’s availability and interests in whichever activity has been decided.” Each fortnight, the group does various activities. “In the past, we have gone to cafes, shopping, for walks, gone strawberry picking. And we are planning to go camping soon.” Amelia and other group leaders are in the process of securing funding for the not-for-profit social group.

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