Beau in the workplace

On International Day Against LGBTQIA+ Discrimination we celebrate Beau, our amazing Plan Management Officer.

Beau commenced with Access Your Supports in December 2021. Working in our Mildura office, Beau works closely alongside colleague Peta.

Leaning on the trust and connection built with Peta, Beau came out to Peta in June 2022. Over the preceding weeks, Peta was a tremendous support for Beau and encouraged Beau to have a conversation with the department senior.  In July 2022, Beau had an open discussion with Marnie, our Senior Plan Management and Renewals Officer, about being non-binary and wanting to change their name on our internal systems. The support from Marnie was a huge boost to Beau’s self-esteem and motivation.

“It was incredibly easy and smooth and was really important to me, as it meant I could feel safe at work and didn’t have to see my deadname anymore which brought me grief”.

In July 2022, Beau’s name was updated on all internal documentation and systems.

Disclosing or discussing gender in the workplace and everyday life can be daunting and difficult. We asked Beau what advice they would give to gender non-conforming people. “Be careful and make sure the people around you will support you if you come out to them, gauge their conversations and how accepting they are of others. But once you are sure, please bring it up with somebody, especially if it’s causing you mental harm not being out in the workplace, your life will be better for it”.

Beau’s insights and information on queer matters are truly appreciated and their example might help others facing similar situations. AYS is committed to working with Beau and others to continually build a strong culture of inclusion and diversity.

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