Ellie’s excellent 5 years at AYS

Ellie has just celebrated her 5-year work anniversary at Access Your Supports. Ellie is one of our passionate and dedicated Psychologists who has always been interested in helping others. Her love for Psychology began in high school, where she discovered her interest in health and science. After studying Psychology during VCE, she knew that it was the career she wanted to pursue.

Ellie had initially applied at AYS because a friend of hers was working there as an Occupational Therapist and encouraged her to apply. Ellie was thrilled to be given the opportunity to work in an organisation that provided various services to people with disabilities. She found her job to be extremely rewarding, especially when she helped those who presented as high risk for suicide and self-harming behaviours. Empowering them and helping them implement adaptive coping strategies is one of Ellie’s biggest success stories.

Ellie’s favourite part of the job is connecting with participants and building a working relationship with them. She believed that building trust and rapport is essential in helping participants achieve their goals. However, working in the NDIS space had its challenges, and Ellie believed that the biggest lesson learned was the typically slower pace to achieve outcomes.

Outside of the office, Ellie is a devoted mother and stepmother to her children. She loves spending time with her family and cherishes every moment she has with them. When she is not with her family, Ellie enjoys cooking, having a wine or two with her friends, and going to the gym for some kid-free time.

Ellie is a valuable member of the AYS team, and her dedication and passion for her work were evident in everything she did. Her 5-year work anniversary was a testament to her commitment to providing quality services to people with disabilities.

Congratulations, Ellie!

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