Celebrating Hannah’s 5-year journey as a Peer Mentor at AYS

This September, Hannah marks a remarkable five-year journey as a Peer Mentor. Hannah’s continued dedication, passion and unwavering commitment to her job shines brightly.

When asked about her motivation to join AYS, Hannah shared, “I began studying Psychology and got chatting to Ralph (Director) about his business, and it sounded like a really great place to work. I have always been passionate about disability support, having a brother with Down syndrome, and I wanted to have a positive impact on others as I had seen many supports in his life”.

One of her most significant accomplishments during her tenure was the completion of her Masters Thesis, a testament to her continuous dedication to her field. What sets Hannah apart is her continued connection with the participants she supports. “Given the length of time I have supported my current participants, I have developed a strong working relationship with each one and earned their trust. I am proud that my participants feel they can talk to me about anything, because it provides an added support system of someone closer in age to help them navigate the difficulties of adolescence/young adulthood” she explained.

Hannah finds AYS to be a supportive company that empowers her to make a difference. “I get to meet and interact with so many different people on a daily basis. I love the stories and life histories that participants share with me”.

Over the years, Hannah’s been witnessing participants achieve their NDIS goals. She finds inspiration in their accomplishments and uses them as a source of personal motivation. “It can provide a point of inspiration to draw on in your own personal life, to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself” she shared.

Hannah’s role as a Peer Mentor plays a pivotal role within the NDIS and AYS as the provider. “Peer Mentors are so important because it is a regular and familiar point of contact for participants. Often a participant will call me before they call the office or a therapist, because I am a familiar and safe person that they feel comfortable to share with. I think Peer Mentor’s bridge the gap between the office and participants’ home and safe space”.

Beyond her work at AYS, Hannah is a pilates fanatic who believes her day isn’t complete without a class. During summer, she explores the outdoors by camping and hiking, while winter finds her cosying up at home with her cats, engrossed in books or cooking in the kitchen.

Ralph, Director of AYS, added “Hannah has shown great dedication and excellence in her work as a Peer Mentor. This year, Hannah also graduates in her Psychology degree, and I look forward to what opportunities this may bring for Hannah and AYS“. Congratulations on a wonderful 5 years, Hannah. You and the work you have done is at the heart of AYS, and your legacy will undoubtedly continue to brighten the lives of those you supported.

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