Exploring new ways of recruiting

We have recently implemented a new approach to our interview process for our Peer Mentors here at AYS. In the past, we conducted one-on-one interviews, but we have now shifted to group interviews. We are excited to share our positive experiences with this new approach and highlight the benefits that we have observed.

One of the most significant advantages of group interviews is the welcoming and stress-free environment that they create. Candidates are more at ease in a group setting, and this allows them to showcase their true abilities and personalities. The relaxed atmosphere also encourages healthy debates, conversation, and collaboration, providing a glimpse into how candidates might work as a team in our organisation.

Another benefit of group interviews is that they can be fun! In our experiences, candidates have appeared to feel more comfortable in a group setting, which allows them to engage more freely with each other and our team members. This helps us to get a better understanding of their personalities and how they might fit into our culture.

In addition to being more welcoming and fun, group interviews provide us with a better gauge of who the candidates truly are. By observing how they interact with others and handle group dynamics, we gain valuable insights into their communication skills, leadership potential, and ability to work collaboratively.

Thank you to those who have participated so far. We look forward to continuing to use this format in the future and welcoming new members to our team.

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