Geelong leads the way for Disability Services and Autism Family Support

For more than 10 years, local organisation The Treehouse Geelong has been providing essential guidance and encouragement to families living with autism, often working in association with disability support agency Access Your Supports (AYS) to enable proactive plans of action.

Thanks to the generous support of community members and groups, such as the YMCA, Sensory Sisters, Hayeswinckle, Wendy’s Weighted Blankets and many others, this volunteer-run organisation has been able to provide invaluable resources to the community.

After working closely for four years, the beneficial association between The Treehouse Geelong and Access Your Supports – with AYS operating as the main financial backer for Treehouse – is now primed to work even more effectively for families in Geelong and the surrounding regions, with The Treehouse Geelong being officially acquired by AYS in a decision seen by both organisations as a strengthening of their partnership.

Since its inception in 2008, The Treehouse Geelong has acted as a useful source of information for families living with autism that are looking to make decisions about their next steps involving official treatment, education and support, in addition to providing an empathetic community that can offer a ‘lived experience’ perspective.

Similarly, by offering services such as Support Coordination and Plan Management to NDIS participants, AYS has for the past five years enabled individuals and families living with a disability the opportunity to access support involving education, employment and a wide range of therapies.

By officially combining their skill sets and capabilities, The Treehouse Geelong and AYS aim to deliver a streamlined service for families living with autism and a free, no-commitment service to the community.

In addition to this strengthened relationship between The Treehouse Geelong and Access Your Supports, AYS has secured a lease on a new Child & Family Centre (located at 18 Myers Street, Geelong).  This further enables an expansion of the organisation’s support services to NDIS participants and their families.  New referrals for individual and group supports are now being accepted.

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