Let's Get Ready For School

Let’s Get Ready For School Group Therapy Program

Term 4 is nearly here!

The transition to formal schooling is a big step in every child’s life but with practice you and your child will have the tools to start the journey with confidence.

School Readiness
Supported to Succeed

Supported to succeed

The AYS Let’s Get ready for School program provides a small group environment to practice key foundation abilities and activities most common at school, including – writing and drawing, playing ball games, making new friends, looking after your belongings, listening to others and problem-solving when learning become tricky.

The program will run in term 4 for children starting prep in following year. The group will also include snack and lunch time, recess, songs and a whole lot of fun!

Group sizes are limited to ensure that each child receives the individual focus of our experienced therapists. Your child will also undergo a brief screening assessment to determine current skill levels to ensure that they will be matched with children of a similar skill level and at the end of the program parents/carers will receive an individualised report with a description of their child’s strengths/areas of challenge, and practical strategies for home and and Prep.

Sessions run for 3 hours each week for 8 weeks.

Your child will be supported to achieve these outcomes:



Develop listening skills, skills to cooperate and work with others and how to initiate and sustain play.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor

Learn some fun and motivationg ways to develop fine motor precision and coordination.

Play & Social Skills

Play & Social skills

Demonstrate flexibility in play ideas, compromise and following routines.



Explore a range of emotions and the effect they have on our bodies

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Learn problem solving strategies including coping with change, asking for help and what to do in new environments.

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